Mission Statement

Core Values


The Hebron Police Department is a village police force providing a full range of police services 24 hours a day year round. The village, located 35 miles east of Columbus, is comprised of 2,200 permanent residents as well as 6,000 workers who commute to businesses located within the Hebron Industrial Park on a daily basis.

The police department, as yet small but growing, consists of a chief, lieutenant, sergeant, four full time officers and a civilian clerk secretary. Three part time and three auxiliary officer positions also exist and these officers are empowered to work cruiser patrol after the completion of a 160 hour field training program. The department is housed in half of the Village Municipal Building and in 2003 was formally recognized by CALEA.

In addition to patrol duties, the department utilizes bicycle units as needed, teaches children safety courses at the Hebron Elementary School and participates in numerous community events such as the street carnival, Halloween activities and public ceremonies on Memorial and Veterans Day.

Chief of Police
D. James Dean

740) 928-9402


934 W. Main St.
Hebron, OH